Cary Redmond Series by Kat Simons

  1. The Trouble with Black Cats and Demons
  2. The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers
  3.  The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars
  4.  The Trouble with Baby Gods and Vampires
  5.  The Trouble with Magic and Faery Curses

Cary Redmond Short Stories by Kat Simons

  • When Cary Met Jaxer
  • When Cary Met Pickles
  • When Cary Met Marianne
  • When Cary Met Lucy
  • When Cary Met Marianne
  • Cary and Deacon (Try to) Go on a Date
  • Date Night Take Two
  • Third Dates the Charm
  • Cary vs the Goblin King
  • Dinner with the Joneses
  • Cary and the Cursed Jack-O’-Lantern
  • When Cary Met the Good Guys (Cary Redmond Short Story Collections #1)
  • Dinners, Dates, and other Disasters (Cary Redmond Short Story Collections #2)–COMING SOON

Tiger Shifters Series by Kat Simons

  1. Once Upon A Tiger
  2. Along Came A Tiger
  3. Here There Be Tigers
  4. Her Tiger To Take
  5. To Tempt A Tiger
  6. Down Will Come Tiger
  7. To Catch A Tiger
  8. What A Tiger Wants
  9. Taming Her Tiger
  • Tiger Shifters Series Vol 1 (Books 1-3)
  • Tiger Shifters Vol 2 (Books 4-6)

Joan of Kerry Series by Kat Simons

  1. Joan of Kerry: Joan and the Abhartach — OUT March 16, 2021

The NY Empires Series

  1. Going All In by Cassandra Carr, Stacey Agdern, Isabo Kelly
  2. Icing The Puck by Isabo Kelly, Stacey Agdern, Kenzie MacLir
  3.  Roughing It by Isabo Kelly, Stacey Agdern, Kenzie MacLir

The Naravan Chronicles Series by Isabo Kelly

  1. Promise
  2. Interface
  3. Secret
  4. Paradise
  5. Flight
  • The Naravan Chronicles Box Set Vol 1 (Books 1-5)

Fate’s Hand Series by Isabo Kelly

  1. Thief’s Desire
  2. Destiny’s Seduction

Fire and Tears Series by Isabo Kelly

  1. Brightarrow Burning
  2. Darkness Singed
  3. Dawn Ignited

Eldora Station Series by Isabo Kelly

  1. Last Call on Eldora Station
  2. Christmas on Eldora Station

Standalone Novels

  • Marshall’s Guard by Isabo Kelly
  • Romancing the Leopard (A Cary Redmond-Tiger Shifters Crossover Novel) by Kat Simons — OUT May 11, 2021

Short Stories and Standalone Novellas

  • Bonfire Night by Isabo Kelly
  • The Last Guardian by Isabo Kelly
  • Kellyn’s Sacrifice by Isabo Kelly